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Best Activities in New Zealand: Queenstown Edition

Before traveling to New Zealand, I asked several trusted sources:

  1. What was your favorite city/region?

  2. What were the best activities in New Zealand?

I unanimously heard:

  1. Queenstown

  2. Milford Sound

I must admit, I haven't seen most of New Zealand! But, I am so glad that friends steered me to Queenstown. It is a darling mountainside town with absolutely incredible food. It's also the best departure point for a day-trip to visit the Milford Sound.

Best Queenstown, New Zealand Activities: Adventure & Food

Milford Sound Day Trip Experience

This is a photos-don't-even-do-it-justice type of experience.

We booked it with Altitude Tours through Viator, but there are many options available! We absolutely loved that it was a smaller group experience, and our tour guide was so knowledgable. Would highly recommend. It's a 13 hour experience, but can be 10 hours if you pay for a return flight. Please remember, weather may prevent that option and you then have to bus back.

It includes:

  • The ~4 hour drive to the Milford Sound (with many sightseeing/photo opportunity stops along the way)

  • 2 hour boat cruise through the Milford Sound and out to the Tasman Sea

  • The return journey back to Queenstown

Hot tip: I'd recommend opting for the lunch bag. It's a simple but tasty sandwich, fruit, candy, and granola bar. But, also buy/pack several snacks to have throughout the day.

It's a long day, but one of the best I've ever had. I'm excited to share some photos of the experience! Below the photos, you'll find my Queenstown restaurant recommendations.

Best activities in New Zealand

Best activities in New Zealand

Best activities in New Zealand

Best activities in New Zealand

Best activities in New Zealand

Best activities in New Zealand

Favorite Queenstown Restaurant Experiences

I highly recommend making reservations for these wonderful places!

  • Tatsumi: great Japanese restaurant with a nice omakase option

  • Sherwood: on-site farm-to-table dining of typical New Zealand food. Incredible meal, highly recommend.

  • Rata: amazing set dinner option with wine pairing


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