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Miraval Arizona: How I Booked a Spa/Wellness Weekend on Points

As a yogi, I've dreamed of spending a weekend at a wellness/spa resort for years. The idea of unlimited healthy foods, hiking, and yoga sounds like bliss.

But, the resorts tend to be very pricey. I researched costs for my birthday weekend at one of the spas I had in mind, Miraval Arizona.

A 3-night stay for me and my husband was going to be over $13,000 USD.

Credit card points to the rescue.

Instead of booking with cash, I used 209,000 credit card points to book the 3-night visit. Here are all the details of how I accomplished this:

How to Book Miraval Arizona Using Credit Card Points

Step 1: Earn Chase Points & Have a Chase Transferrable Travel Points Card

Chase Ultimate Rewards points can be transferred to your World of Hyatt loyalty account for free if you have at least one of the following three transferrable travel points cards:

If you have any other Chase cards that earn Ultimate Rewards points, you can combine them into one of the above accounts so that every point you earn will be transferrable to travel transfer partners.

I personally earned my points using the Sapphire Preferred and:

The only other transferrable point currency that works with Hyatt is Bilt.

Step 2: Confirm Miraval's Availability and Points Cost

Visit to search for Miraval availability. They have locations in Arizona, Austin, and The Berkshires.

See below for a screenshot example of the Hyatt search tool. Ensure the "Use Points" box is checked.

Miraval Arizona with points

Step 3: Transfer Your Chase Points to Your World of Hyatt Loyalty Account

Log into your Chase Travel portal and click "Transfer to Travel Partners."

Enter your World of Hyatt account details (if you haven't already).

Type in the number of points you wish to transfer.

Miraval Arizona with points
Miraval Arizona with points

That's it! It really is as easy as 3 simple steps.

I hope this post inspires you to use your points for a vacation that feels equally dreamy to you! If you apply for any of the cards I mentioned, I really appreciate if you use the links I provide above. Those are my affiliate referral links. Your support allows me to keep making free content like this.


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